Crescendo Ribbon Horn Speaker

Crescendo Ribbon Horn Speakers (price per pair)



  • Dynamic
  • Transparent and immediate. Comparable to open baffle speakers.
  • Very wide bandwidth. Horn ribbon covers 600hz to 23khz
  • Small size (10” x 15” x 24”)
  • High efficiency (98db)
  • Easy to drive even with 300B SET amps
  • Extreme quality crossover parts: all film caps, oil paper plus copper foil inductors etc.



Below is the possible combination of costs for a pair of bookshelf Crescendo Horn Ribbon Speakers.


  Basic kit

Basic plug-and-play

Advanced kit

Advanced  plug-and-play

Drivers $690 1pr 1pr 1pr 1pr
Crossover $380 1pr 1pr 1pr 1pr
Binding post $12 1pr 1pr 2prs 2prs
Bass improvement $220     1pr 1pr
Cabinet and assembly $750   1pr   1pr
Total Cost including airmail $1082 $1832 $1314 $2064



You can download the specification and design here.



Bass system is available. More information and price will be uploaded later.



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