Kiwame Carbon Resistor 2w : 1 KOhm


Kiwame Carbon Film Resistors are an excellent match for Hi-End Audio. Kiwame resistors are from Japan and characterized by lower noise than metal film resistors and a more natural sound. There is a growing enthusiasm for these carbon film resistors because they recapture the vintage tube sound without the drift of carbon comps. They are also very compact given their wattage rating. The resistance material is carbon film with coated silicon and finished in green.

2w $1@, 4.2x12mm

5w $2@, 9x24mm

Specification HERE


Takman Non-magnetic Carbon Film Resistor 0.25w: 10 Ohm

Takman Resistors are the resistors that we've been waiting for -- nonmagnetic, music friendly materials, reasonable price. Metal Film is more precise and sounds brighter while carbon film is warmer and more relaxed.

0.25w $0.75@, 2.3x6.3mm

0.5w $1@, 3.5x9mm

1w $2@, 5x14mm

Specification of carbon film HERE

Specification of metal file HERE


Takman Precise Metal Film Resistor 0.5w: 1 MOhm
Tantalum Resistor 2w: 1.8K

AudioNote Tantalum Resistors are the most expensive because it's very sweet in midrange and good base. Some are grey finished and some are brown.

0.5w $4.4@

1w $8.6@

2w $12.8@

Tantalum Resistor 2w: 1.8K
Wirewound Resistor (NI) 10W: 2.2K

Cermet wirewound resistors

30w NI series (green) are ideal for cathode resistors also and come with chassis mounting hardware.

10w NI series (green) are excellent as anode resistors also with mouting hardware.

10w series (white) are lower cost for power supply.


30w (NI) $8@ (80mm x 17mm)

10w (NI) $5@ (45mm x 12mm)

10w $0.2@

Wirewound Resistor (NI) 10W: 2.2K
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